Ambica Overhauls its IT Department & Data Center

Ambica International Corporation has been around since 2003 and since its establishment, has invested in the modernization of its Information and Communication Technology operations.

Investing in Information Technology is every company’s budget buster especially if the company’s main business operation is not associated with the IT Industry. But If an institution were to be serious enough about their business, constantly improve their information technology infrastructure.

An executive of the company once said, “I want to know where and how much I’m spending, and see the immediate benefit in the organization. That has been a very simple request but has been a tedious one in accounting to run through with a manual operation.

As Ambica grows, its demand for better access to information and communication also grows. Currently, Ambica is in the process of acquiring a state of the art ERP Software (Enterprise Resource Planning) and a more functional HRIS and Payroll System which will fit the company’s operational requirements. Ambica is also investing in a Point-to-Multi Point communication technology to inter-connect its warehouses to its head office.

Ahead of its plans for IT modernization, Ambica had to first restructured its IT Infrastructure. These IT modernization programs have become necessities in the growing operations of Ambica as it traverse the wide requirements in the procurement, accounting and operational resource of the company as a whole.


Ambica’s Employee Team Building 2016


Kamal Abichandani – Chairman; Deepu Bhatia – Director; Hersh Abichandani – General Manager; Richard Mayani – Information Systems Manager, Ambica, Philippines


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