Ambica Constructs a State of the Art Warehouse


Ambica has steadily grown over the last decade. And over the years, Ambica has consistently increased and expanded its range of product offerings. Foreseeing the need for a new warehouse, Ambica acquired a 2000-square meter lot, just a few steps from the main office. And in July 2015, Ambica started the construction of its state of the art warehouse.

The new warehouse will house most of the stocks that require storage under a controlled environment warehousing. It will also have an advanced walk-in cold storage facility. The new warehouse is also proposed to have an advanced solar-CNG hybrid generator system that is grid-tied to the electric power provider.


Other implementations will also include temperature monitoring system, barcode system, security system and energy efficient lighting and equipment.

Our Warehousing Team are trained in the proper handling of all types of medicines. With this, and the proposed new facilities,the new warehouse will be providing a more efficient in the transferring and delivery of goods. As with all the Ambica warehouses, all measures and procedures are way in accordance with the current FDA regulations. The new Ambica warehouse is expected to be completed in December 2016.


Ambica’s Employee Team Building 2016


Kamal Abichandani – Chairman; Deepu Bhatia – Director; Hersh Abichandani – General Manager; Richard Mayani – Information Systems Manager, Ambica, Philippines


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