Ambica Reinvents the Concept of a Housebrand

The House Brand is a marketing concept that was conceived and introduced by Ambica International Corporation. Their Director, Mr. Deepu Bhatia was the one who first coined the concept.

This concept behind this was first drawn out from the idea of Ambica offering products to its clients under their own brand names. As expected, the “House Brand” concept was widely accepted by many clients. But as everybody may had predicted, there will always be a corresponding risk and danger of others pirating the idea to make a profit at the expense of Ambica.

For this reason, Mr. Deepu had the “House Brand” registered as a trademark owned by Ambica in order to protect and secure the interest of Ambica. It was then registered with the Philippine Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Mr. Deepu also envisioned the “House Brand” in a literary form by articulating the historical background of the House Brand concept in an article set to be utilized as promotional material. The said article was also deposited with the IPO to ensure its integrity.


Ambica’s Employee Team Building 2016


Kamal Abichandani – Chairman; Deepu Bhatia – Director; Hersh Abichandani – General Manager; Richard Mayani – Information Systems Manager, Ambica, Philippines


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